Crosscube Challenges


Every plan requires its own solution. That is why we pay a lot of attention to customisation. We either adapt our modular access chamber systems Type 2, 3 and RM to specific requirements, or we choose to develop completely new access chambers, inspection chambers and cable inspection chambers from plastic plates. The latter is often chosen when water-tight connections are required. No matter the challenge, we’ll find the solution.

You ask, we …

We will listen to your wishes and translate these into a concrete plan with the appropriate, suitable products. We like to collaborate closely with you so that we deeply understand your needs. That is how Crosscube was built. In practice, we’ve discovered an increasing need for an alternative to large and heavy concrete structures. You ask, we develop.

Waterproof and special solutions

In collaboration with the international contractor consortium COMOL5, we’ve developed special waterproof custom chambers with special connections, custom dimensions and sloping covers. The custom-made chambers are embedded into concrete walls and drain excess rainwater. “In fact, we always go directly to them whenever we need customisation”, says chief contractor Bertus Kornet.

Additionally, we regularly develop water-tight access chambers for RET (light rail) projects. These are placed in the tram track and are part of the electricity and ICT network.

Full-fledged alternative to concrete

We designed large plastic chambers for Distribution Center Lelystad. These replace the heavy concrete chambers from the original plans to prevent sagging of Lelystad’s soft ground soil.

Further, A4all asked us to develop an alternative for a very heavy prefab concrete chamber. That turned into a Mega Crosscube, measuring 5x2x2 metres. The customer challenged us to demonstrate the power of plastic; the resulting design offers a glimpse into the future.

Extra information

We are happy to tell you more about our customised approach. Share your issue with us and we would be happy to think along with you. Contact us by phone or email, or leave us your details so that we can contact you.


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