Crosscube Challenges

Crosscube connects.

Crosscube connects. We connect thinking with doing. Knowledge with skills. Custom-made with a personal touch. Projects with solutions. We develop innovative access chamber systems that form the connecting links within ground-breaking projects.


The strength of our access chambers


Modular, lightweight, easy-to-install access chambers that can easily be modified on-site.


Access chambers made of strong and impact-resistant material.


Storage and transport are extra efficient thanks to the lightweight material and the modular construction of the access chamber.


Access chambers are fully adaptable to your project requirements due to their modular design. Customisation done at the factory, no extra work on location.


Design your access chamber easily online in 3D and integrate it into BIM.


Access chambers are made from recycled materials and are recyclable.


Building success: Together

Our approach connects. Every plan is unique and each requires its own solution. Our collaborative approach opens the door to nearly unlimited possibilities.


Brainpower plus manpower

Our advice connects. Innovative projects require down-to-earth solutions. A plan should be correct on paper and work in practice. That requires both brain- and man-power.


The access chamber provides a basis for sustainable growth


Design your access chamber system

Our 3D Crosscube Configurator connects. Create your access chamber system in four practical steps: configure, generate and integrate.


What our clients say

‘Every access chamber was individually and uniquely defined in accordance with the project and construction plans. Both design and duct connection points were taken into account. The modular Crosscube system and the bespoke approach provided us with a truly custom-made solution and eased the installation process.’

Leon van Kempen – Van Dorp Kabelwerken

‘When more complicated requests are made, the box-sliders quickly drop out. Crosscube thinks along with us, so together we were able to devise a customised solution for this.’

Bertus Kornet – CroonWolter&Dros

‘Crosscube’s access chambers are very handy. They are both easy and quick to install. Our short-term collaboration was very nice!’

Kelvin Visser – Swietelsky

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