Crosscube Challenges

Brainpower plus manpower

Our advice connects. Innovative projects require down-to-earth solutions. A plan should be correct on paper and work in practice. That requires both brain- and man-power.

Making goals achievable

Crosscube – part of PION – will gladly take on the responsibility of making your plan a success. We think along with you on paper and we work along with you on site. We advise upon, as well as implement the access chambers. This way of working is part of our DNA. In this way, plans are tangible and goals attainable.

Double check

Our thorough project approach ensures not only that expectations are well-managed, but also that they are met. Based on a clear and practical checklist and go/no-go phases, we develop the ideal solution together.

Seamless sketch

We take thorough inventory and keep asking questions. That is crucial for us to arrive at a Programme of Requirements. This ensures that our sketches connect seamlessly to your wishes. After the sketch is approved and a detailed drawing has been made, we proceed to production and delivery of the access chambers.


We appreciate being part of the construction team. This allows us to keep abreast of all of the customer’s wishes, as well as the challenges that may arise within the project. It also allows us to act quickly when a solution is required. Naturally, we are also present at the time of installation to advise and adjust the implementation plan as needed. In addition, being present at the delivery enables us to provide after-care, should the need for this arise.

Project stories: access chambers

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