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Type RM access chamber

Smooth walls, stackable, self-extinguishing and featuring integrated height adjustment. When an access chamber meets just about all requirements for any application the rail market may need it for, then it can be considered the perfect connecting link to be used for any high-quality project. The rom-box is the ideal access chamber for customers such as ProRail. The adjustable PE cover ring offers a water-tight connection and integrated height adjustment for the covers underscores this. An access chamber suitable for even the most demanding projects.

Type RM advantages at a glance:

  • Simple and quick installation due to stackable ring elements
  • Stable and smooth walls; connections to the project can be made yourself
  • Excellent for use in limited workspace thanks to the thinner wall of only 40mm
  • Good fire-resistant quality with low smoke development
  • Suitable for any application, including placement over existing cables
  • Equipped with integrated height adjustment on the corners to adjust covers to the pavement level
  • Also suitable for ProRail applications (tested for requirements from SPC00306)
  • For larger dimensions (walls above 1000mm), comes with a steel or stainless steel reinforcement

Crosscube RM



Type RM meets the highest standards, also in terms of user-friendliness. The access chamber and (cable) inspection chamber consists of rings of 100mm and / or 200mm high that are stackable and connected at the corners with a plastic clip. The ring structure makes it easy to connect and install the cable ducts or Utilis Multikoker. We can either install the connections in the factory or these can be drilled on-site. The height and inclination can be adjusted with adjusting screws in the top-most corner element.

Smart material

The material is impact-resistant, halogen-free and UV-resistant polypropylene that is difficult to burn and is self-extinguishing. The bottom of the access chamber is made of plastic and is able to discharge water. In addition, an adjustable PE cover ring ensures water-tight connection to the connection channels.


The life of this access chamber spans multiple decades and it is fully recyclable after use.

Extra information

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