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Arnhem Central Station

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The post-war Arnhem Central (rail) Station (Arnhem CS) was in urgent need of renovation to prepare for the increasing flow of travelers in 2020. In anticipation of this growth, the station was given a complete upgrade.

ProRail wanted to prepare their networks and stations for the projected passenger growth. Arnhem CS is one of the major stations to undergo a complete renovation according to plans made by the architect. The project scope included making the underground cables and pipelines future-ready, while also ensuring that these cause as few inconveniences as possible to travelers in the future. For these reasons, it was decided to implement access chambers, inspection chambers and cable troughs with pavable covers directly onto the platform so that work can be carried out there directly. This allows access to the underground network so that new cables can be added and old cables replaced. It also makes it feasible to connect new facilities in the future, such as a kiosk or shop, to the existing energy and ICT networks.

Access chamber solution

Crosscube functioned as the link in the detailed coordination between contractor Dura Vermeer Railinfra and the cover construction production partner. Five cover types were needed, partially supported with gas springs. The latter were the chambers that had to be opened more frequently and where the (heavy) paved covers could be opened quickly and easily by hand, without any additional tools, and in accordance with the standard working condition regulations. Crosscube created an instruction manual specifically related to cover installation for this project. We also assisted the customer on site and advised them on the best ways to install.


A beautiful station with a distinctive roof, featuring platform floors that are fitted with specially-made natural stones into which the covers have been expertly designed, are easy to maintain and are aesthetically integrated into the overall platform design.

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