Crosscube Challenges

Wanted: sleepers

No matter what, we are committed to making plans succeed. Every plan is unique and requires its own solution. We love turning challenges into smart ideas. Sometimes, based on a customer request, we have to “bend” the way we work to reach a specific goal. It may require taking a big step forward to arrive at the best solution.

Ready for tomorrow

As the saying goes: “Sleepers are necessary to keep the rails straight.” The post-war Arnhem CS station, which was in urgent need of renewal, is a perfect case in point. To be fully ready for the growing flow of travelers tomorrow, it was time for innovative thinking in the present.

Visually friendly

The architect had a clear vision and wanted to bring in surprising solutions. It had to be functional underground and visually pleasing above the ground. In other words, it should not only be easy to use, but also be aesthetically friendly. This is especially important because all covers on the platform are visible to anyone. The station was completely upgraded with Crosscube’s parent company PION as the project partner for all cable protection, from underground cable conduits and access chambers to above-ground covers.

Robust result

The architect’s specific vision can be seen in the special stone-paved covers that have been concealed discreetly within the platform. The result: a robust, easy-to-maintain and future-proof network functioning under the platforms, with a visually-pleasing solution on the platforms themselves. And – as you would expect at a train station – all of this was delivered on time and within budget. Sleeper with a goal: to enable an innovative vision with innovative solutions.

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